lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

Restos de Tragedia - Medellin Presenta A: R.D.T. (1991) 7''

Noisy raw hc punk from Columbia, as you probably know this band got raised from the ashes of some local death/black metal acts, like Parabellum, Maleficio, Blasfemia or Masacre... damned classic latino scum. In fact, after Ramon Restrepo disbanded Parabellum and Blasfemia, he joined with Cesar Quiceno (bass and vocals in Maleficio) to create RESTOS DE TRAGEDIA with Agustin Moscoso (taught by Ramon) in vocals and Elkin Cossio in drums. Five years later the band split up (1992). This is their second release after the despicable and political SER Y NO SER alrdy posted in this blog. Highly recommended stuff courtesy of Wilson and ripped by Nilson (columbia's mates!).
By the way, RDT regroup some years ago and it's still kicking arses nowadays, and released some stuff recently, more info here and here.


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era muy buena esta banda

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eran una leyenda..